The hedge is now planted.

This has been 50% funded by a grant from Wiltshire Council.

The hedge has also been funded in part by a contribution from Parish Council Funds and also in part by kind donations of many residents of the village. 

Many thanks indeed to everyone who made donations.

Should anyone be moved to make further donations even now to help cover maintenance please get in touch with Paul Cunningham Via Email at pecunningham1@gmail.com  t. 01722 743133)

(Thanks to Brian Moore of Abelia Landscapes for planting such a splendid hedge)


  • Sally Armitage
  • John Armitage
  • Jim Riddell
  • Maggie Scott
  • Jack, Tess, Eliza & Benj Cunningham
  • Doreen Murray
  • Hesper & Inigo House
  • Georgie, Sarah, Parsley & Nutmeg Lawson
  • Pat Dunford
  • Ken Dunford
  • Steve & Hazel Linard
  • Ben & Harriet McGuire
  • Ali Smithson & Kitty
  • Susan Mawer
  • Elizabeth Gyngell
  • Sue & Ray Eastham
  • John Lee
  • Linda Pearse
  • Warren Pearse
  • Russell Pearse
  • Shirey Voce
  • Colin & Lynda Brazier
  • Sue & John Rattue
  • Philippa Ridley
  • Bazire Family
  • Marilyn Riddell
  • St Catherines Church
  • Nick Marchant
  • Katy Ray
  • Candice & Lee Berry
  • Harriet Meader (Harriet, Mark, Sophie and Izzy)
  • Liz Julian (William Julian)
  • Gilll Rattue (Connor, Dylan, Helen, Lauren and Charlotte)
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